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The Amazing World of Gumball: The Shell

One morning... at the Watterson house.
"And that's what happened to my pants." Richard said, finishing a story of how he ate his pants.
"Eww..." Nicole said.  Anais and Darwin couldn't help but laugh.
"Ok... So how did school go for you guys today?" Nicole asked.
"Ok." Darwin said.  Nicole then noticed Gumball not eating his sandwich.
"Gumball is something wrong?" Nicole asked.
"No..." Gumball said.
"What's the matter?" Nicole asked.
"Penny yelled at me today." Gumball said.  Nicole gasped.
"WHAT?" Nicole asked.  "What was it about?"
"She said that I ruined her life." Gumball said.
"Gumball, What on Earth did you do to ruin her life?" Nicole asked.
"Well... it all started this morning..." Gumball said.
"Oh, let me do the flashback sequence." Richard said.

Early that day, Gumball was getting ready for school.
"How's it going Son?" Richard asked.
"Doing great Dad." Gumball said.  Richard then noticed that Gumball was holding a picture of Penny.
"Say son, that girlfriend of yours is a peanut with antlers right?" Richard asked.
"Yes, she is." Gumball asked.  "Why?"
"Well, I was wonderin', what does she look like without her shell?" Richard asked.
"I don't know." Gumball said.  Richard gasped.
"What?" Richard asked.  "You Don't know?!"
"Nope." Gumball said.
"Well, you have to know!" Richard said.  "You need to ask her or figure out what she looks like without her shell."
"Ok...?" Gumball said.  "Why should I ask."
"Because, you may never know what she truely looks like.  She could be anything." Richard said.
"Right..." Gumball said as he headed out the door.  He made it to the bus.  He sat next to Darwin on the bus.  Darwin noticed Gumball was thinking about something.
"You alright buddy?" Darwin asked.
"Yeah, My dad was asking me about what Penny looked like without her shell." Gumball said.
"Well, are you gonna ask her?" Darwin asked.
"I'm going to when I get to school." Gumball said.
"Gumball, why would you want to know what Penny looks like without her shell?" Anais asked.
"Because Dad said I had to know." Gumball said.
"Well, don't ask her." Anais said.  "It's none of your business, and you shouldn't get your nose in other people's business."  The bus made a stop at Elmore Junior High.
"Maybe you're right." Gumball said.  Soon, he saw Penny Fitzgerald walking to the door.
"Hi Gumball." Penny said.  Gumball quickly smiled, with hearts in his eyes.
"Hiiii Penny...." Gumball said happily.  Gumball is in love with Penny, as she is in love with him too.  Gumball then started thinking.
"Penny, can I ask you a question?" Gumball asked.
"Sure, what is it?" Penny asked.
"Well...." Gumball said, but then looked at Anais.  "Oh nothing..."
"Um... ok." Penny said.  Gumball just headed to class.

Later that day in school.
"Ok class." Miss Simian said.  "Today we are going to discuss about the female body."  Everybody just awed, and some went "Booo!"
"Silence!" Miss Simian shouted.  "As I was saying..."  She continued with the subject.
"Gumball, what's a female?" Darwin asked.  
"It's another word for a girl." Gumball said.
"Oh." Darwin said.  Gumball, who wasn't paying attention, looked at Penny.
"What does she look like under her shell?" Gumball wondered...  "Could she be a bird, a beehive, or a beautiful monster...  I need to know...."  He then leaned toward Penny's desk.
"Penny...." Gumball whispered.  Penny looked at him.
"Yes?" Penny asked.
"I need to ask you something..." He whispered.
"What is it?" Penny asked.
"What do you look like under your shell?" He asked in a quiet whisper.
"I can't hear you..." Penny said.
"I said.... AHHH!!" Gumball said as he fell out of his seat.
"Gumball, are you alright?" Penny asked.
"Ow..." Gumball said.
"Well well..." Someone said.  Gumball looked up to see Miss Simian.  "Whispering in my classroom, are you Watterson?"  Gumball got up.
"Yes, Miss Simian..." Gumball said nervously.
"Whispering in this classroom is against the rules, and considered Cheating!" Miss Simian said angerly.
"Wait a Minute!" Gumball said.  "I Wasn't Cheating!  I was just asking Penny what she looked like without her Shell."  Penny was shocked.
"What?!" Penny asked.
"Are You?" Miss Simian asked.
"Yes." Gumball said.  Miss Simian looked at Penny, then back at Gumball and started thinking.
"Well, We're discussing about the female body, she is female, and what you said is actually on topic.  You may continue." Miss Simian said.
"Thank You Miss Simian!" Gumball said.
"But Starting Tomorrow, Don't Do It Again!!!" Miss Simian shouted.  Gumball got in the seat next to Penny.  "As I was saying class...." Miss Simian continued with the subject.  Penny looked at Gumball.
"What?" Gumball asked.
"Nothing..." Penny said.  

After a few minutes... the bell rang, and everyone ran out the class room.  Gumball and Penny were the last ones out.
"That was a close one." Gumball said to Penny, who was looking at him.  "What?"
"Gumball, why did you say that, about what I looked like under my shell?" Penny asked.
"It's just a curious question." Gumball said.  "So what do you look like without the shell."
"Nothing is under my shell Gumball, it's part of my body." Penny said.
"That's not true." Gumball said.  "There are holes, which your antlers come out from."
"Ok, the shell is not part of my body, but I'm not telling you." Penny said.
"Please?" Gumball asked.
"No." Penny said.  The whole day, he kept asking her, at Lunch, at Recess, in Swim class, Gym class, even at Penny's Cheerleading class.  Of course, Gumball always go there to watch her and the Cheerleading squad perform.  Soon, School was almost over, as everyone was packing up to leave, Gumball kept asking Penny, only making her mad.
"Please?" Gumball asked.
"No!" Penny said.
"Come On!" Gumball said.
"Gumball I'm NOT Tell You, and That's Final!" Penny said in an angry voice.  Gumball was shocked...
"But Why?" Gumball asked.  "I won't Say anything-"
"Gumball!  It's None Of Your Business!" Penny shouted at him.  "You Shouldn't Even Put Your Nose In Other People's Business!  So Stop Asking Me What I Look Like Without My Shell!!!"  Everyone was looking at the couple, confused.  Gumball looked at the floor...
"Ok... I'm sorry..." Gumball said, but then he notices a brick on the floor.  As Penny turned to walk away, Gumball picks up the brick... looks at Penny, but then makes the right decision.  He just turns away.
"It's probably for the best." Gumball said, as he threw the brick out the window, but it instead bounced off the wall, and flew at Gumball.  He quickly ducked, and then the brick flys above him and hits Penny!  She lets out a painful scream as it his her back, leaving crack marks on the shell.  Everyone gasped, including Gumball, for he injured the one he loves, but not on purpose, because He was just throwing it away.  Penny slowly turned to the blue cat.
"Gumball.... What have you done?" Penny painfully asked.
"Penny, I didn't mean to..." Gumball said.  But then Penny's shell began to crack...  the cracks got bigger and spreaded all over her body, as if it's ready to fall apart.
"Uh oh..." Penny said.  Then Her Shell breaks open, revealing a great light.  Everyone gasps.  As Gumball looks into the bright light, He sees Penny, opening her eyes, in a beautiful form of a deer...  Gumball is shocked, but amazed by Penny's real and beautiful form.
"Penny..." Gumball said.  "You... look... beautiful..."  Penny then looks at the ground, seeing her broken shell.
"AHHHHH!!!" Penny screams.  "My Shell!"  She picks the part that had eyes and the mouth, using it to cover herself.  She's NOT Naked, she's wearing a swim suit.  But the remaining piece broke apart.  She looks at the crowd, who were watching the scene.  She then looks at Gumball, who looked at her nervously.  She gets angry.
"I Hope Your Happy For What You've Done!" Penny shouts at him.  "You Ruined My Life!!!"  She then begins to cry and runs out the building.  Gumball was confused and hurt.
"Nice job, Loser." Miss Simian said as she walks past Gumball.  Darwin approaches the blue cat.
"So, How did it go?" Darwin asked with a smile.
"I saw what Penny looked like without her shell." Gumball said with guilt.
"And?" Darwin asked.
"I ruined her life." Gumball said as he walked down the hallway.  The Poor Blue Cat feels guilty for what he's done.  All he wanted was to know what Penny looked like without her shell.  She didn't mean to hurt her.  But she was beautiful, without her shell.  Why would she say that he's ruined her life.  As he walks down the hallway, every was talking about Penny.
"DId you see her?" Teri asked.  "She looked pretty."
"She looked so cool without her shell." Carrie said.  Many had great reviews of Penny's appearance without her shell.  But Gumball, who feels heartbroken, walks out the building, ashamed for hurting Penny.

"And That's what happened..." Gumball said to his family members.
"Gumball, I can't believe you would do something Like That!" Nicole said.  "You Should Be Ashamed To Yourself."
"But Mom, I was Just curious!" Gumball said.
"Well you shouldn't put your nose in other people's business." Nicole said.  Anais looked at her mother.
"That's what I was trying to tell him!" Anais said.  "And Penny said the same thing to him, but He broke her shell anyway."
"Well, I didn't mean to." Gumball said.  "Dad asked me what Penny looked like, and he told me that I had to know."  Nicole angerly looked at Richard.
"Richard, Did you Have Something To Do with this?" Nicole asked.  Richard then started to feel guilty too.
"I'm Sorry Nicole!" Richard said crying.  "I'm the one that caused Gumball to get curious of what his Girlfriend Looked Like!  And I'm the one That Left that Brick at the School so Gumball could use it to break the Shell!"  Gumball's eyes widened with shock.
"What?" Gumball asked.  "You're the One That Left that Brick in the Hallway?!"
"YEEESS!" Richard said with guilt.
"Well, now we know who started this whole situation." Nicole said.
"What Am I gonna do?" Gumball asked.  "She'll never going to forgive me."
"Well sweetie, you need to go to her house, and apologize to her." Nicole said.
"Good Idea." Gumball said.  "I'll apologize to her when I go to school tomorrow." Gumball said.
"Oh no." Nicole said.  "We're going to her house now."  Gumball looked at Nicole.
"What?!" Gumball asked.  "You know where she lives?"
"Yes I do." Nicole said.  "Me and Richard are good friends of her parents."
"Oh yeah, I remember." Richard said.
"Everybody in the car." Nicole ordered.

A Few Minutes later... The Watterson made it to the Fitzgerald residence.  Nicole, Richard and Gumball exited the car.
"Richard wait in the car!" Nicole said.
"Yes honey." Richard said as he went back into the car.
"Why did you tell dad to go back to the car?" Gumball asked.
"The Last time we visited the Fitzgeralds, Richard broke their TV." Nicole said.
"Oh..." Gumball said.  Nicole rang on the doorbell.  Then the door opened showing Penny's father.
"Hello?" Mr. Fitzgerald asked.
"Hello Mr. Fitzgerald." Nicole said.
"Oh, good Afternoon Nicole." Mr. Fitzgerald said.  Then looked at Gumball.
"Um... hello Mr-" Gumball said.  But then Mr. Fitzgerald slammed the door.
"That didn't sound good." Nicole said.  She rang the doorbell again.  Then again.
"Who is it?" A Woman's voice asked.
"It's That Boy Who Broke Our Daughter's Shell!!" Mr. Fitzgerald shouted.
"He hates me again does he." Gumball said.
"He must do." Nicole said.  Then the door opened again, revealing Penny's mother.
"Oh, hello Nicole, and Gumball." Mrs. Fitzgerald said.  "Please Come in."  The two cats come in.  "It's good to see you again Nicole."
"You too." Nicole said.  "Where's Penny?"
"She's upstairs in her room." Mrs. Fitzgerald said.  "She's been crying ever since she got home... after what happened to her shell.
"You guys knew she had a shell?" Gumball asked.
"Yes We Did." Mr. Fitzgerald said.
"Now honey, I'm sure that Gumball didn't mean to harm our daughter." Mrs. Fitzgerald said.
"I didn't mean to hurt her." Gumball said.  "I threw the brick away, but it hit the wall and bounced back, and hitted Penny."
"So, you didn't hit her with a brick?" Mr. Fitzgerald asked.
"Of course not, Not On Purpose." Gumball said.
"My husband left that Brick in the hallway." Nicole said.
"Oh... of course... it had to involve Richard." Mr. Fitzgerald said.
"Yeah, that was my bad." Richard said as he came to the scene.  Everybody looked at him.
"Richard I thought I told you to wait in the car." Nicole said.
"I just wanted the say hello." Richard said.
"What happened to his pants?" Mrs. Fitzgerald asked.
"He ate them." Nicole and Gumball said.
"Anyway... Can I go talk to Penny?" Gumball asked.
"Yes you can." Mrs. Fitzgerald said.  Gumball headed upstairs.
"Don't Try anything stupid." Mr. Fitzgerald said.  Gumball gulped.
"He'll be fine." Nicole said.

Gumball headed upstairs and knocked on Penny's door.
"Penny?" Gumball asked.  He opened the door, and looked inside Penny's room.  She wasn't there.  He closed the door.
"Penny, you in here?" Gumball asked.  But as he turned to the table, he noticed that there was glass square container with a light inside it.  He looked inside, and tapped on the glass slightly.  And to his surprised... something came out of the sand... It was Mr. Cuddles... Penny's pet Tarantula!!!  It hissed at Gumball.
"AHHHHH!!!" Gumball screamed loudly with fear.  "A SPIDER!!!"  But then Gumball recognized the tarantula.
"Oh... hello Mr. Cuddles." Gumball said.  Mr Cuddles just hisses at the cat, probably because he doesn't like Gumball, or he's just saying hello.  Gumball then looked at Penny's bed.  He notices the plushie of himself on her bed, the plushie he (with some help from Anais) made for her on Valentine's Day.  And he looks at the wall.
"Whoa..." Gumball said.  The wall showed pictures taken of Gumball, with hearts all around them.  He also sees a painting of himself and Penny on the wall.  He couldn't help but smile.  He then notices a picture on the table.  He picks it up and read it.
"She does love me..." Gumball said almost shedding a tear.  But then he hears quiet crying in the hallway.  He looks, but sees nobody, and realizes that it's coming from the bathroom.  He looks inside to see Penny, in her deer form, covered in a blanket, crying in the bathtub.
"Penny?" Gumball asked.  Peny turned around to see Gumball.  She was surprised.
"Gumball?" Penny asked.  "What are you doing here?"
"I was worried about you." Gumball said.  "Are you alright?"
"No... I'm not..." Penny said.
"Penny, I'm sorry about your shell." Gumball said.  "I didn't mean to-"
"I know..." Penny said.  "Teri called and said that it was an accident."
"Well, that's nice." Gumball said.
"And she mentioned that she saw your dad put a brick on the floor in the hallway, that morning." Penny said.
"Yeah, I figured that out too." Gumball said.  "Penny, why were you keeping your real form a secret?  Is it because everyone might laugh at you?"
"Some of that is true." Penny said.  "But it's because... I wasn't actually born an antlered peanut."
"What?" Gumball asked.
"Yeah... I was actually born a deer, because I had a common ancestor that was a deer...  It's hard to explain.  When I was born and growing up, we actually lived out in the country.  But we had to move into the city because a tornado destroyed our house.  Before we left, I was afraid that people would think I'm different than my family and call me an outsider.... so I made a high quality shell, putted it on, and hid my true form, so that I would look like my family.
"Wow..." Gumball said.  "Did your parents know about it?"
"Yes, but they believed that it was a good idea." Penny said.  "And I wore that shell for nearly 5 years, until you destroyed it."
"Penny, It doesn't matter what you look like." Gumball said.  "On my way home from school, a lot of people said that you looked awesome and pretty, even your friends and the teachers did."
"That's not the point Gumball." Penny said.  "It's just that.... well... When I was younger... I sometimes look at the picture of myself with my family... and that I looked different from them..."  Gumball looked at Penny.
"Penny... it's ok if your different." Gumball said.  "You're not the only one who's different."
"What do you mean?" Penny asked.
"Penny, a lot of people are different." Gumball said.  "Anais is different (because she's smart), Carrie's different, Tina's different, So is Teri, Tobias, Alan, William, Bobert, Alan, Carmen, Darwin, even I'm different."
"Really?" Penny asked.
"Absolutely." Gumball said.  Penny smiled at the blue cat, and hugged him.
"Oh, thank you Gumball." Penny said.  Gumball couldn't help but blush.
"Heh... it was nothing..." Gumball said.  He then began thinking... this hug, the plushie, and the pictures and the letter, proved that she loves him.
"Um... Penny." Gumball said.  "Why I was looking for you.. I went into your bedroom... and well...."
"Let me guess, you saw Mr. Cuddles?" Penny asked.
"Yes." Gumball said.
"And He tried to attack you?" Penny asked.
"No, he was just saying hello." Gumball said.  "Anyway...  I saw the plushie I gave you , along with the pictures of me.... and the painting...."  Penny blushed.
"You did?" Penny asked nervously.
"Yeah... and I found this letter from you to me." Gumball said, showing the paper."
"Oh..." Penny said.  "I was gonna mail it to you today but... I forgot."
"Would you like to read it out loud to me?" Gumball asked.
"Yes, I will." Penny said as she read the paper.

Dear Gumball,

I know we've only knew each other for a couple years now, but I need to get something off my chest.  It's about you, and the way I feel about you...  I'm in love with you, ever since I met you...  I just hope that you feel the same way about me.

Love Penny

Gumball smiled as she read and finished the letter.
"So... what do you think?" Penny asked.
"I love it." Gumball said.
"Thank you Gumball..." Penny said.
"And Penny..." Gumball said.
"Yes?" Penny asked.  Gumball moved next to her, and putted his arms around her.
"I feel the exact same way about you." Gumball said.  Penny smiled as a tear came out of her eyes.
"Kiss me you fool." Penny said.  Then the two shared a kiss.  Unknown to them... their parents were watching them.
"That is so cute." Nicole said.
"It sure is." Mrs. Fitzgerald said.
"You know Nicole, they actually make a cute couple, even if Gumball is a crazy little one." Mr. Fitzgerald said, finally earning Gumball's approval.
"They sure do." Nicole said.
"That's so cool." Richard said.
"Let's give them some time alone." Mrs. Fitzgerald said.
"Good Idea." Nicole said.  They left the doorway, as Gumball and Penny hugged each other.  Outside, Darwin was looking through his binoculars and saw the couple.
"They're hugging." Darwin said.
"Looks like they're doing alright." Anais said.
"Yep, another happy ending." Darwin said.

Here's a little story of "The Amazing World of Gumball" for you TAWoG fans out there. Enjoy!

The Amazing World of Gumball (c) Ben Bocquelet
Story (c) Me
Penny's Deer form (c) Unknown
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It's been disproven, but is still nice.
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Penny is without her shell as of the episode "The Shell" and is not as you would expect
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I think sometime next month, I just know it's during season 3!
KHXhero Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2013
Yes, I've read that on the Wikia site and on Ben Bocquelet's twitter page.

It will be called "The Shell" as well. I knew one day that it would happen, that they will show Penny without her shell. But I think they're going to air sometime later this year I'm afraid, since it's Season 3. But who knows, it could happen soon.
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Say, if you like Gumball, I have some stories and a fan-made series that I'm working on, and he appears in them with a big role. One of them is Hero-Quest: Dark Secrets. You should read it. I have 15 chapters up, and I plan to get the rest of them up throughout the school year.
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